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Meet the experts who have mastered the art of self love and learn how to enhance your relationships, find financial freedom, and start living a happier, more loving life

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Join as Jonathan Troen, a life-long happiness seeker and The Self Love Revolution founder, interviews successful, joy-filled entrepreneurs about their journeys and discovers.

Feel the love from the inside.
5 days of inspiring, life-changing content. 

  • Get the self-love strategy secrets the experts use themselves, everyday to get a better mindset, better health, better finances, and a better life.

  • How to rewire your mindset and rediscover your passion for life

  • Find true freedom. You don’t have to make drastic external changes to feel the true freedom that comes from from living a life of Self Love.

  • How to find true freedom

Learn and implement these powerful systems to create a better mindset, better health, better finances, and a better life for you and your family.

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Even if you only have 1-2 hours a day, you’ll still get more out of this than out of any other program…


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It’s an ALL-STAR group of self-love, coaching, and mindset pros bringing you their top tips and tools on how to live your best, happiest life today. 


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YOU. Yes, You. 


90% of people struggle with their health, relationships or personal and business finances. If this is you, you are not alone. If you think that there is room for improvement in your life, relationships, health, business or finances…


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Self Love Revolution Summit Partners


Stormy Wellington

CEO of Girl Hold My Hand, Wells CBD and Wealth Connection Global LLC

Corey Feldman

Actor, Singer, Writer and Producer

Brenda Batista

Founder, Inspiring Company Culture

Forbes Riley

Celebrity TV Host - Motivational Speaker Transformational Success Coach

Stephen Powers

CEO of Powers Omnimedia and Co-Founder of Wisdome Immersive Art Park 

Michael Silvers

Managing Partner The Mentor Studio

Susanne Conrad

Founder, Inspiring Company Culture

Taylor Ellison

Emmy Award Winning TV Producer

Christine Cully

Chief Purpose Officer and Editor in Chief

Andrea Owen

Author, Global Speaker, Professional Certified Coach, and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (PCC, CDWF)

Morgana Rae

Creator of Financial Alchemy® Coaching

Asher Gottesman

Spiritual Entrepreneur

Jim Britt

World's Top 20 Personal and Business Strategist

Craig Bruce

Executive Health & Lifestyle Consultant

Denise Michelle

SelfLove Expert, Transformational Life Coach, RTT Hypnotherapist

Tara Chatzakis

Law of Attraction Practitioner & Robbins Madanes Coach

Scott Shute

Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs

Dan Faill

International Speaker & Coach

Nicole Tsong

Work/Life Balance Coach, Author

Neha Sonney

The Self-love Advocate | Mom | Speaker | Coach

Sandee Sgarlata

America's Happiness Coach

J.D. WildFlower

Carrie Jeroslow

Best-Selling Author, Intuitive, Relationship Coach

Tracy Gapin, MD

MD - Men's Health & Performance

Nim Stant

Go All In Media, Founder

Jacqueline Shaulis


Awesome Enterprises LLC

Rocky Buckley

Founder, Swaysion, creator of The Power Persona Project and Platinum Path

Amanda Love

Registered Holistic Nutrionist Fibromyalgia

Ellie Shoja

Author, Mindset Expert, Co-founder of Peace Unleashed

Andrea Hipps

Certified Divorce Coach, Social Worker, and Author

Vince Del Monte

Online Fitness Business Coach

Russ Yeager

Body Transformation Expert

Jane Wenning

BS in Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Certified Athletic Trainer, Health Mentor

Loren Lahav

International Speaker / Author / CEO

Jay Shifman

Podcast and Event Host

Melissa Jones

Founder Girls Positivity Club

Chelsea and Martin Matthews

Financial Experts

Dino Watt

Transformation Specialist

Dane Dormio

MindBody Mastery Mentor

Ramona Oliver


Dina Lobo

Love and Authenticity Practitioner, Certified Trauma Support Specialist, Mindset coach

Dr. Alla Goldman MD

Life Mastery Consultant.

Authorized TranscenDance™️Facilitator

Kellan Fluckiger

Certified Master Coach

Ellie Shefi

Attorney, Entrepreneur, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Strategist, Consultant, Coach, and Philanthropist

Martha Krejci

Business Strategist, Author, and Queen of Income Streams

Sean Douglas

Business Positioning Strategist, Podcaster, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author

Dr. Kate Steiner

Burnout Recovery Coach and Consultant

Erin & Sarit Attwood

Body Transformation Specialists

Annabel Quintero

Certified Wellness Coach

Tom Matzen

Chief Movement Maker

Kristi Tornabene

Medical Technologist Aging Well Health Coach

Courtney Feldman

Plant Based Health Coach DJ Model Singer Musician

Jessica Brothers

Health & Wellness Strategist

Kiva Schuler

Founder & CEO Jai Institute for Parenting

Joseph James

Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Podcaster

Sherry Eifler

Love Life Coach and Leadership Developer

Michelle Crist

Stage Agent

Tim Kellis

Founder of The Marriage Solution

Dawna Campbell

President, The Healing Heart, Inc. Mind Whisperer, Thought Form Energy Healer

Meet the Host

Jonathan Troen

Jonathan Troen brings interviews with the most inspirational movers and shakers in the world. Each conversation is unique and will tap into and reveal barriers, realizations and ah-ha moments yet to be discovered within you. 


A little backstory...Jonathan created a successful 20-year career as a producer in the music and entertainment industry collaborating with celebrities and major tv networks. From a distance, it appeared he was living the life of his dreams, working with everyone from Madonna, Cher, Pink and *NSYNC to Metallica, The Ramones The Who, and Green Day. Yet he still wasn’t happy and after taking a look around him, he realized he wasn’t alone. He was determined to figure out why. Slowly, he uncovered the secret to success and true happiness and has since shared this with entrepreneurs and his life coaching students via The Self Love Revolution. 


In his constant and purposeful pursuit, Jonathan has sat down and interviewed the most inspirational authors, entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches and downright enlightening humans and curated their abundance of knowledge into 5 days of life-lifting and business-changing content. 


Jonathan has enjoyed continued success with genuine contentment and joy and has been sharing his experience with the world via the SXSW stage, podcasting and appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS,  as well as radio stations around the country. Jonathan can also be found teaching new and seasoned yogis at the Austin Yoga Tree studio which he co-owns with his wife in Austin, Texas.

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